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Special Technologies Laboratory

Special Technologies Laboratory

Many years of implementation of experimental work related to the statutory tasks of the Institute, as well as experiments carried out by our research teams on experimental devices located in foreign centres, resulted in the need to create a technological and workshop base, enabling the proper preparation of special elements of experimental arrangements – necessary to carry out these studies.
The experience gained in this area by the PTS engineering and technical staff provides the basis for offering this type of work – also in individual execution, for external contractors.

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The PTS offer includes:

  • Manufacturing of thin foils with a thickness of ³ 1 micron from plastics such as: polystyrene, polyethylene or deuterated polyethylene and the application of these foils to metallic or non-metallic substrates;
  • Making pinholes with diameters of ³ 100 microns by micro-machining;
  • Cutting and gluing thin blocking foils – made of various materials and intended for soft X-ray detectors in order to completely cut off visible radiation or select the expected spectral sensitivity range;
  • Preparation of commercially available photodetectors for soft X-ray recording – removal of protective glass windows;
  • Design and manufacturing of targets with a complex spatial structure for the laser-matter interaction study;
  • Design and production of special vacuum fittings and holders compatible with high vacuum for detectors and optics.

In addition to the above-mentioned issues, we are ready to take on new challenges in terms of our competences and executive capabilities. We are also happy to offer technical advice during the implementation of projects supervised by external teams.